NBA 2k18 takes another step in Next-Gen graphics

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NBA 2k has been pegged as one of the best sports games for years. Now, it’s taking another step up the stairs of improvement.

Screenshots of the upcoming NBA 2k18 has been released on social media, serving as teasers  before its official launch on Sept. 19.

Gaming site Operation Sports’ Steve Noah posted shots of player models from last year's game, NBA 2k17, comparing them to the handful of player models we've seen for 2K18. You will see the differences immediately as there is a noticeable improvement graphics-wise.

The 2K team captures different facial expressions with help from a self-powered mobile scanning RV from Pixelgun Studio. It's made up of 146 Canon cameras, updated as new cameras are manufactured, and it captures ultra high detail facial scans and player tattoos with up to 16,000 textures.

2k even scanned Steph Curry face with a mouthpiece on so they could render every detail, whether Steph is chewing his mouthpiece, or if the mouthpiece is positioned up or down.

NBA 2K18 didn't only rebuild the faces. It rebuilt the bodies, the uniforms, and the accessories as well.

They separately scanned the jerseys to reveal their true colors. NBA 2K18's Art Director Anton Dawson said, “It was important for us to separate the color of a jersey into diffused color and reflected color.”

Just like the faces and uniforms, shoes and signature accessories have been scanned delicately for high definition details. Even tattoo marks, whether faded or not, is detailed.


Photo by: 2K Sports via Wikimedia Commons