How to Become a Smart Runner


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Running has long been hailed as the best activity to keep trim and fit. It does not require any particular venue, related equipment, or sports wear except for a good pair of running shoes.

A runner needs to keep track of his pace and footing.  The market is swarmed with fitness trackers that are worn at the wrist and heart monitors that are strapped around the chest.  A few product innovators, however, have come up with intelligent foot-worn devices to monitor how far, how fast, and how well you run, as well as other important metrics.

Under Armour’s smart sneakers called the SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE has a built-in chip inside that tracks mileage, steps, and average cadence while training.  It can capture GPS info by connecting to the MapMyRun app.  Its non-replaceable battery has a three-year lifespan which could outlast your shoes’ life.  It can also track fatigue by asking the runner to do a “jump test” which the company says can scientifically measure an athlete’s muscular fatigue level.

Apart from shoes, there are running soles like the Digitsole Warm Series that adjust the temperature for your feet to be always in top running form, thanks to a built-in thermostat. The soles work with a smartphone app.  

Run Profiler, another digital insole that can detect the position of your feet, your strides as well as measure your fatigue level, delivers coaching advice via audio in real time.  

There are smart socks, too.  A rechargeable, machine-washable pair from Sensoria connects to a lightweight anklet that relays data to the Sensoria Fitness mobile app.  The socks can tell if you are hitting the ground with your heel or the ball of your foot. Sensoria socks have textile pressure sensors that can analyze and inform you in real-time how to run farther, faster and healthier.

There are also intelligent shoe clip-ons that monitor your running activity.  The MiCoach Speed Cell runs on a smartphone app, providing detailed feedback each time after every run.  It can store up to seven to eight hours of workout data and gives you fine coaching tips based on a training program you have selected.

RunScribe is another running gadget that can be mounted on your shoe.  Its nine-axis sensor captures your moves and calculates your every stride.  It has a flash memory to store your running data which can be downloaded via the RunScribe app and web dashboard.

Whether you are into running as a sport, a personal fitness regimen, or recreational outlet, a smart fitness device could prove to be a good companion for an injury-free, fun, and healthy run. 

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