Smart Scales that Help in One's Journey to Weight Loss


Keeping fit is now a call heeded by ordinary folks like you and me, not just athletes.  Exercises and a healthy diet work best in tandem if our target is to lose extra pounds.

Not everyone can afford a gym membership, personal trainer, or dietitian though. So it's a good thing that there are now smart scales on the market that could help us in our quest to better health and overall fitness.

Smart scales can now connect to a fitness tracker using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Some models can read your heart rate or be connected to a third-party cuff for a blood pressure reading.

The best models can record other metrics including bone density, water retention, and body fat mass index (BMI).  Thankfully, there are some scales that can manage multiple-user accounts.  This is a spacesaver for a family of five.  After all, a bathroom scale is not in the list of things we would want to own exclusively.

Smart scales do not come cheap.  Decently working ones would definitely cost over $100 but it would be definitely a good investment.

The Nokia Body Cardio can track overall cardiovascular health with its built-in heart rate monitor.  It also measures “pulse wave velocity” (PMV) which is defined as the “velocity at which the arterial pulse propagates through the circulatory system.”  In short, PWV is used clinically to measure how stiff our arteries are.

This model is the top-of-the-range among three scales -- compared with the Body and the Body+ -- from the Nokia brand. With a tag of $179.95, the Nokia Body Cardio takes measurements accurate to within 0.2 pounds and can record fat, muscle and bone mass, and water retention.

Recording your progress on your way to weight loss is a necessary albeit a dull task for some.  A Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale would ungrudgingly take care of that aspect.  It can support data for eight users, measures weight, lean mass, body fat, and BMI, and displays your historical data on its native smartphone app and web portal.

At $99.95, this scale sounds like a bargain but it works in conjunction with a Fitbit activity tracker.  If you already own one from Fitbit’s range of wristbands, this smart scale is good news then.  However, it does not measure PMV or has a heart rate monitor, although there are two Fitbit wristband models that can function like the latter.

Indeed, smart home technology has revolutionized the function of the bathroom scale.

Photo by TeroVesalainen / Pixabay