Disney’s new AI can tell if a story is good or not


Disney researchers have been coming up with new technologies lately, including the most recent reports of automatization of Disney character mascots in the “Happiest place on earth” — Disneyland.

With the help of neural networks, a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system, a new artificial intelligence engine has been developed by the team of Disney Research and the University of Massachusetts Boston. This AI is designed to use sample stories to recognize particular traits and patterns that would be liked by a range of audience.

"Our neural networks had some success in predicting the popularity of stories," says one of the team, Boyang Albert Li from Disney Research, and added, "You can't yet use them to pick out winners for your local writing competition, but they can be used to guide future research."

Disney researchers stuffed their system with more than 28,320 answers from Q&A site Quora to get enough data as possible. They have focused on those with the most numbers of upvotes to indicate the quality. Researchers have thought that since many of the answers on the site are written in a story-like fashion, it is seemingly a good fit for the purposes of this experiment.

It's another example of how advanced AI techniques, like neural networks, can potentially make systems more human-like over time.

Photo by: BagoGames via flickr