Apple pulls out autonomous car ambition


Photo by: Ben Miller via Wikipedia

Apple, the renowned tech company, once set plans to develop their own autonomous car, tagged as Project Titan. However, it reportedly pulled back later from having their own self-driving car. Instead, they have set their eyes on a new project — PAIL. Palo Alto to Infinite Loop (PAIL) is an autonomous shuttle service for employees of the firm’s headquarters in California. 

It was recently confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook that the tech firm is on the verge of developing autonomous systems and not cars. There are reports of sightings of a Lexus RX 450h, powered by an Apple system, roaming on public roads of California.

This ambition of the company led to people’s initial confusion on what the real function of this vehicle will be, considering that Apple itself is not yet too keen on whether the car should be fully autonomous or if there will be an assisting driver that would take control in situations. Even if Apple had been able to solve the puzzle, it still would still face the challenge of having their own self-driving car. So to end the dilemma, Apple then decided to develop autonomous-driving tech that can be applied to vehicles made by other companies.

The development of a self-driving car technology will be a chest of diamonds for Apple, adding to the upcoming breakthrough of their new iPhone8 and iOS11 release.