Tesla Engineers warn that the Autopilot feature is not as Good as Elon Musk claims


Photo By: OnInnovation / Flickr

Engineers who were working on the Autopilot self-driving feature warned that the system is not yet ready to safely function for a car, as reported by Wall Street Journal. The same report also provided more details regarding the heat between the Autopilot team and Elon Musk.

Previously, CNN reported last July that Musk "brushed aside certain concerns as negligible compared to Autopilot's overall life-saving potential," and that employees who worked on Autopilot "struggled" to make the same reconciliation.

Musk's marketing methods for the Autopilot feature has been the major cause of the said conflict. The initiative to refer to Autopilot as a "full self-driving" solution would ignite the series of departures, including Sterling Anderson, who was in charge of the Autopilot team. Upon departing the team, Anderson was slapped with a lawsuit from Tesla for an alleged breach of contract, employee poaching, and theft of data that is connected to Autopilot. The lawsuit, however, will be settled.

Evan Nakano, the senior system design and architecture engineer, once cautioned the company that Autopilot is not yet ready for distribution before its original rollout. Nakano also wrote that Autopilot's development was based on "reckless decision making that has potentially put customer lives at risk," as mentioned by documents secured by the Wall Street Journal.