Victorian government strategizing to outwit cybercrime

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Cyber attacks and cyber threats have been a serious menace to the skyrocketing technology of the 21st century. To address this concern, the Victorian government developed a 32-point framework to fight against these hideous crimes.

Victoria, a state in southeastern Australia, is the second of the most populated state in the country. To protect private data of their citizens, and ensure the government information, services, and infrastructure, the Victorian government has launched a new five-year cybersecurity strategy.

The game plan is to barricade themselves from potential hacking so that they could be capable of bouncing back during intense cyber incidents. Hence their Vision, “SECURE AND RESILIENT GOVERNMENT INFORMATION, SERVICES, AND INFRASTRUCTURE.”

"As organized crime and others become more sophisticated in hacking and disrupting digital services, it's crucial government steps up to better protect against these cybersecurity threats," said Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings.

The Victorian government will be appointing a chief information security officer in September within the Department of Premier and Cabinet under a new cybersecurity office that will be established to oversee the rollout of the strategy and coordinate cross-government action.

Jennings also added to his statement, “Victoria's first ever cybersecurity strategy ensures we can stay ahead of the cyber criminals and develop the infrastructure, systems, and processes needed to protect government services and information.”

The state will also develop a workforce plan to attract, develop, and retain specialist cybersecurity skills.

Photo by HypnoArt via pixabay