Tesla Engineers deem that the autopilot is not as safe as it seems


Photo By: Joseph Thornton via Flickr

Ever since Tesla made their presence felt in the automotive arena, the fascination for self-driving cars has revved up. A modern luxury car is anticipated to possess automotive technologies to possess a chance of marketability. Tesla's autonomous systems have been always above the competition, guaranteeing an almost driver-less experience for the driver. Yet, Tesla employees have a different story to tell.

Following Sterling Anderson's resignation as the head of Tesla's Autopilot systems, his replacement followed suit from his post within six months. Mobileye - the company behind the Autopilot system's computer systems - has also called it quits.

Despite standing out in the automotive arena, Tesla's products have been the culprits of some fatal crashes that feature the Autopilot. Although Tesla has ruled out the potential of an Autopilot system error, its employees felt that the decision to proceed with the autonomous system was a "reckless decision." The incomplete system has jeopardized the lives of numerous Tesla customers.

Deccan Chronicle states that Tesla's autonomous vehicle, such as the Model S P100D, and an autonomous vehicle from either Google or Apple are different in terms of appearance. Traditional autonomous cars possess a roof-mounted arrangement with numerous sensors and cameras (LiDAR systems) that can establish detailed 360-degree environments on long distances, while Tesla's well-concealed system creates the picture of the environment using ultrasonic sensors, radar, and cameras that are not as good as the LiDAR systems.