New app keeps track of your health through AI


“Most people don’t have the training to do that and quite frankly don’t have the time or energy to put the effort in to learn that stuff — so we wanted to pretty much do all that for people,” said Keith Osayande, co-founder of the FitGenie app.

There are numerous applications that help you track your health lifestyle. However, these apps operate manually, meaning you need to input all the data manually, somewhat like recording them. This was the standard case until ex-Georgia Tech Keith Osayande found a better way of tracking your health — through FitGenie. FitGenie is an AI-powered calorie counter that self-adjusts macros based on your feedback.

“Our self-adjusting diet algorithm is based on a model we created that maps and forecasts the progress of an individual user and makes intelligent weekly adjustments based on the data we gather,” he said, explaining on how his app is applying artificial intelligence to calorie counting.

“The key thing to note is that we are not just gathering this data. Our algorithm is constantly assessing how these data points trend with each other and making informed adjustments,” added Osayande.

Osayande said that the research team is working on some ideas, including the automation of food logging, using either smartphone photos and even potentially Apple’s ARKit to automate this in a future version.

Photo by: US Navy 2nd Class Aaron Burden