Nissan set to release its Tesla autopilot challenger next year


Photo By: THE SMADE JOURNAL / Flickr

Nissan's electric Leaf will undergo a huge lift as it is set to be introduced on September 6 and is expected to feature a range of 200 miles. The most anticipated part, however, is that it will be Nissan's first test of the Tesla autopilot competitor. The 2018 model will include the company's ProPilot Assist technology, a driver-assistance feature designed to ease the stress of highway driving.

Being a level 2 system, Nissan created the ProPilot to work on the highways' stop-and-go traffic. Business Insider's Danielle Muoio gave the system a shot using a gray Nissan Rogue prototype that she drove along the Hudson Parkway for 45 minutes.

A front-forward radar, camera, and sensors were the catalysts behind the ProPilot Assist, and the system relied on clear lane markings to keep the car center on a highway.

It was a rainy afternoon when Muoio took out the Rogue for a drive. The weather hindered the system's function of detecting the differences between the road and the lane markings. Hence, ProPilot Assist was deemed useless in heavy rain when the windshield wipers were on their fastest setting.

Nevertheless, the ProPilot Assist is easy to use as it will only require drivers to tap the steering wheel's blue button and calibrate the desired speed. ProPilot Assist will cease its operation should drivers hit the brake, yet it can resume its operation with the press of the "res" button.