Samsung testing their car autonomy capabilities


Tech titan Samsung, one of the leading phone manufacturers globally, has now entered the world of autonomous cars.

These are not actual cars manufactured by the Korean firm, but instead a Samsung artificial intelligence technology. According to reports, after the firm’s purchase of vehicle audio company Harman last year, Samsung’s car sensor technology has progressed by leaps and bounds.

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles gave Samsung the permit to use the California highway for test driving. Reports said that Samsung is very keen to develop a self-driving car algorithm that could drive in unfavorable weathers.

Autonomous cars aren't all about new generation cars that could drive alone; others developed a system that could be installed on cars that were not designed to drive autonomously.

The software tech firm Nvidia has also made their own system for self-driving cars. Some companies have already manufactured and invested on their own autonomous systems such as Nissan with their ProPilot Assist, Renault, and even Hyundai.

There have been discussions on the future of autonomous cars. In fact, the "Internet of Cars" is being discussed where autonomous cars will communicate directly with each other. These innovations may be the key to protect people through the avoidance of accidents. However, one issue that has been raised and could possibly be tackled in the said discussions would be security concerns with connected cars, especially since cybersecurity is becoming a more pressing issue in the connected world.

Photo by Jamie McCall via flickr