A gadget that can identify a fake designer handbag


Photo By: Achim Hepp / Flickr


To determine an original Louis Vuitton bag from a well-crafted fake is a skill that features counting stitches, feeling the leather's grain, and poring over print patterns. In line with this case, Entrupy, a New York startup has announced that it has a technology that can instantly discern counterfeits.

The company's solution comes in the form of a handheld microscope camera that will permit anyone with a smartphone to check a luxury accessory within minutes. It also mentioned that its accuracy has progressed to better than 98 percent for 11 brands from Louis Vuitton to Gucci.

For many years, fashion labels have been using holographic tags, microprinting, and radio beacons sewed into a fabric to establish their products' authenticity.

Visiongain reports that apparel makers will invest $6.15 billion in anti-counterfeit technologies this year, yet Financial Review stated that the battle against counterfeits is getting harder due to internet shopping's anonymity and second-hand dealers' increasing popularity.

Susan Scadifi, director - Fashion Law Institute, Fordham University, said that "even 10 years ago, a woman going to buy a second-hand bag would know very well that Chanel, Gucci, and Prada don't sell on the street corner.

"But now, with so much legitimate and illegitimate commerce occurring online, it is very difficult for consumers to tell the difference."