"Heroin" surprises young mother who purchased a £3 phone gadget on eBay


Photo By: Dru Kelly / Flickr



A young mother who purchased a £2.99 phone gadget on eBay was shocked after discovering what appears to be heroin inside.

The mother-of-two, who sought anonymity, ordered a shock-proof screen protector for an iPhone from the online auction site. To her surprise, she discovered what seemed to be a Class A drug inside the package.

Daily Mail reported that eBay has launched an urgent investigation and will suspend the seller.

The mother expressed her concern for her children's safety:

"I was completely spun out all day after I found it...it had been just sat with the post for three days until I could find a quiet time to sort my phone.

"It's a bit worrying when you've got kids. I'm just nervous it being in the house with two children, to be honest. The sooner they (the police) take it away, the better.

"My kids are good as gold and wouldn't go opening the post but it is worrying, there's always a risk.

"We'll have to be a lot more careful now."

The mother further related: "I think the person who's sold it was completely oblivious because he/she wrote on their online account that they open and check all of the goods they sell to make sure they haven't been broken in transit.

"I just thought what are these extra packages? I opened it and ran out to my husband saying, 'Oh my God, look what I've just found.'

"I don't know why he didn't check and find it but maybe the H1 writing was on the other side of the packet and he didn't notice or just didn't think anything of it.

"I buy and sell a lot online but I've never come across anything like this before."