US Open Tennis Create Video Highlights via IBM AI

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Photo By: François GOGLINS / Wikimedia Commons


The US Open tennis tournament is using IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence (AI) software to satisfy their fans with automated video match highlights.

IBM has established Cognitive Highlights as part of its new Watson media applications, and the system can study the match video footage's different details from the reaction of both players and crowd down to its crucial details. The purpose is to aid the video production team in establishing camera shots from multiple courts and manually selecting the highlights.

Computer Weekly said that the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the event organizer, is sharing the videos with fans in numerous ways such as posting the day's main highlights on its Facebook page. Viewers, meanwhile, can also watch the footage by accessing the player's profile.

This is the recent implementation of the highlights system after IBM experimented with it in the 2017 Masters and Wimbledon tennis tournaments, where the company used AI for presenting highlights and aggregating statistics.

The IBM has also established a system for the tournament that will enable fans to have a better understanding about the ingredients of a "great" tennis player. It is done by gathering and analyzing vital amounts of data on players' performance from stamina to adaptability.

The successful trials of the highlights system have convinced the supplier to make it commercially available as part of the IBM Watson Media offer.