iPhone 8 secrets exposed


Photo by: Al Medwedsky via Shutterstock


The secrets of iPhone 8 have almost all been exposed. From the design to the price to the user interface to the actual pictures of the phone, almost every detail of the phone is out there. The biggest secret of all is the price of the gadget that will hit you hard in the pocket.

The price speculation has brought about great controversies. The phone is estimated to cost over 50 percent more than iPhone 7 costs. It does not make sense to most as the features do not add up to the price estimate.

The design is however like no other iphone, but the price tag attached to it will be incredibly hefty. The logic of the pricing has been questioned by analysts from UBS and several others. The phone will cost as much as $1000 for the base model with 64GB and $1,200 for a 512 GB. This is more than 40 percent of the base iphone 7 which cost $649 on introduction.

Speculators state that the iPhone 8 will be called the "iPhone Edition" and the upgrades "iPhone 8" and "iPhone 8 Plus.  Benjamin Geskin, a mobile reviewer and reporter, states that the prices will continue to increase with new releases so expect further dents in your pockets.