Tik Tok Application Reaches Indonesia

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Photo By: StockSnap via pixabay


With the aim of inspiring a new generation of creators, leading global Chinese artificial intelligence company ByteDance Inc. successfully launched its application, Tik Tok in Jakarta, Indonesia, September 13.

Over 100 creators and celebrities attended the event, including Indonesian actress Salshabilla Adriani and Thai actress and singer Suppanad Jittaleela. The two personalities are Tik Tok app enthusiasts.

Tik Tok is a mobile app that basically transforms your phone into a mobile studio. With its creators aimed in helping digital natives create videos in a more fun, engaging way, it has easy-to-use, catchy special effects, including shaking and shivering accompanied with hip-hop and electronic music, changing of hair colors, 3D stickers, and props. On top of that, it also has a music library where one can find new talents. One can even upload their own personalized video or musical clips.

Currently, Tik Tok has more than 100 million internet users worldwide. Indonesia, being the sixth largest population of internet users in the world, was seen as a big market opportunity for the music video platform and social networking app.

“Our Tik Tok community is growing rapidly in China and is starting to spread globally, including to Indonesia. We are planning to cultivate more content creators in Indonesia, as talented youth across the region love to celebrate, create, and share. Making music videos is becoming more fun with advanced technology and a world of Tik Tok supporters to cheer them on,” Head of Marketing Viv Gong expressed.