How to stop a security breach or slow it down

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Equifax recently had a serious security breach that put personal data of more than 143 million US citizens at risk. The massive breach exposed private data such as birth dates, Social Security numbers, addresses, and credit card details.

The recent attacks on other high-profile, strongly defended networks such as the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency have brought about great concerns about the eligibility of the security systems put up. Stopping the breaches has proved to be hard but several steps can be taken to slow down the security breaches.

Alex Hamerstone who is a penetration tester and compliance expert at the IT security company TrustedSec contributes to this topic by stating, “ No procedure will work 100 percent, but basic things could be added on to the security systems to improve your overall security.”

Hamerstone explains that organizations can segment their networks which would limit the access of a hacker. This will ensure hackers who manage to get something are not able to get everything. Great examples of such incidents are the CIA and NASA security breaches where, though damaging, the hackers were not able to access all the data.

Increased multi factor authentication processes could assist in stopping the hackers. Another step that can be taken by organizations is the use of robust data encryption. This prevents the hackers from using the data after accessing it.