HK Health department recommends lesser gadget use for kids, especially before bedtime


Photo by: Marcus Kwan via Flickr


If you have kids at home, you probably understand that it is not easy to stop your children from using gadgets or digital devices. This is most especially true if these gadgets have already become effective and useful tools for their studies.

However, the DOH or the Department of Health in Hongkong has raised an alarming news in the region where kids at pre-school are being raised with the use of smart devices. Moreover, these kids also spend most of their time on tablets and smartphones.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), an American professional association of pediatricians, recently published a report on the relationship between gadget use and sleep time. Results of the study showed that the sleep quantity and quality of children suffer when they are exposed to an environment with digital devices, most especially in their bedroom. The tendency, according to AAP’s research report, is that these kids will sleep later or less.

Even teenagers are also included in this concern by the DOH, saying that as they check social medias, send instant messages, or play games before bedtime, their brain will remain stimulated rather than become relaxed in preparation for sleep. In addition to this, when a person lacks sleep, he/she becomes more prone to diabetes or obesity. To avoid the negative impact of technology towards children’s development, teachers and parents are encouraged to remind their students and children to minimize using smart gadgets.