Equifax under investigation over allegations of negligence

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An industry group blames Equifax for the security hack that occurred recently. The industry group claims that they had uncovered a coding flaw two months ago and issued a solution that was never implemented. Hackers took advantage of the security flaw and accessed the company's data. The Apache Foundation stated on September 14 that the security breach at Equifax was because of their failure to update the suggested security software in time.

Pravin Kothari, CEO of CipherCloud, a cloud security company, also blames Equifax for not acting fast in filling the loopholes.

Late Wednesday Equifax informed USA TODAY that the hackers had managed to access the data by exploiting the vulnerability of the website application, Apache Struts.

Apache stated that they patched the flaws on March 7, the same day the flaws were uncovered. They said they had announced the issue to the related industry and firms attached to Equifax, giving them the solution to the problem.

Equifax was questioned on Wednesday whether it had applied the solutions given and they failed to respond. They only stated they will continue to work with the law enforcement in the criminal investigations to uncover more facts of the crime.

Equifax is now under investigation to uncover whether they are at fault for negligence.