Adoption of Big Data within Organizations

Big Data

Photo by: HypnoArt via pixabay


Today almost every organization is investing in big data and the success reports are increasing by the day. Umit Sarkar, chief data evangelist at Progress, a global software company, did a survey of 1200 businesses within the “2017 Progress Data Connectivity Outlook.”

Sarkar uncovered the results of the study done where positive responses were realized among the companies that had deployed big data into their strategies. There was a significant increase in the adoption of big data by companies from 50 percent to 61 percent. 

The use of big data has enabled companies to increase their overall performance and enhance the enterprise security, according to Sarkar. He continued to explain that his findings uncovered one major challenge faced by organizations. The sources of the data are continuously increasing, and verifying the credibility of a source is proving to be a challenge.

The skilled analysts in the organizations are limited to giving insights based on the data provided. Insufficient data leads to false or unreliable analysis.

Sarkar explained further that the increased data sources create the demand for complexity in encryption levels and security. Organizations have to track data access for the various regulators within the different industries.

Sarkar completes his statement by mentioning that the sales and marketing departments of various companies are the greatest users of data within the DataDirect Cloud in an organization.