Public Investment Research Expects Growth of Daya Materials

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Photo by: Geralt via Pixabay



Daya Materials, a major player in the oil and gas sector in Malaysia, is expected to expand its services in the technical segment, says its Public Investment Bank Research Division.

Public Investment said that 70 percent of Daya Materials’ contracts come from the segment of technical services out of their present RM 590.6 million order book. The research division also states that with about RM 2 billion in the group’s current tenderbook, they are expecting its translation to orderbook of about 3QFY17 onwards. “We are cautiously optimistic over Daya’s future prospects,” said Daya.

Daya OCI Sdn Bhd or DOCI, the subsidiary of Daya Materials, is also expected to work together with MSSB (Mimos Semiconductor Sdn Bhd) in the field of technology. This news was announced by the group itself last Friday, September 15.

MIMOS Bhd is known as an organization that focuses on research and development and this company is funded by the government of Malaysia. They have, by far, developed various technologies for commercialization purposes. It is their aim to develop, commercialize, and continue to manage MIMOS technologies.

With the team up of DOCI and MSSB Bhd, they will work together on security information monitoring, capabilities, data transfer, information technology management, recording, and some management systems for non-rail and rail systems such as stadiums and port entry.