Snowflake introduces the only data warehouse built for cloud services

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Cloud data warehouse software Snowflake has announced the launching of Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS). Before its upgrade, Snowflake was built as a secure, multi-tenant SaaS data warehouse. The input they received from the financial services industry gave rise to their idea.

VPS delivers the full power of the Snowflake service in the form of a fully managed, dedicated pod running in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Financial Services, healthcare, and companies from many other industries that handle sensitive data get the best of all worlds with VPS, a dedicated instance of the best cloud data warehouse.

The upgrade bears the certifiable security with PCI support, validated by the customer’s security team. Also, the customer is in complete control of the data with comprehensive audibility. Customer-managed keys are a must because it serves as a complete record of all operations performed by the data warehouse. It also features a resiliency to failures with a roadmap to cross-region business continuity — adding to its long-term goal of a 15-minute recovery time from a total regional failure. The isolation that delivers a dedicated instance of Snowflake will run in a separate Virtual Private Cloud.

“Financial services enterprises are IT companies, so data is at the center of their business. But similar to other industries, data analysis in financial services is hindered by costly and inflexible tools available on-premises or in the cloud,” Snowflake’s CEO, Bob Muglia, said.

“A built-for-the-cloud data warehouse is a game changer, providing the flexibility and scale to meet the needs of the large financial service enterprises. Virtual Private Snowflake is the only data warehouse that takes full advantage of the cloud while delivering the security financial services require,” added Muglia.



Photo by: The National Archives (UK) via WIkiemdia Commons