Image Offers First Glimpse of Farcry 5


Game maker Ubisoft has released a provocative promotional image for its upcoming Far Cry 5 game, fueling demand and stirring conjecture on internet gaming sites.
The promotional image shows a group of heavily armed men - plus one woman and a wolf - sitting together at a table. The table is draped with a modified version of the American flag with crosses replacing the stars. A menacing messiah figure sits at the center of the tableau among the heavily bearded warriors.
Guns and ammunition are strewn around the scene in keeping with the game’s ethos. A bruised and battered prisoner sits before the table, his hands bound. The word “sinner” is scrawled across his back.
Previous entries in the Far Cry series have all been located in remote lands full of fictional villains - including mutants. It was easy to dismiss the milieus as distant fantasies. That’s harder with Far Cry 5. The new entry appears to be set in a dystopian future version of America dominated by religious extremists and right-wing survivalists.
Online forums are buzzing with reactions to the provocative image. The controversial image suggests that the game treads close to America’s deep political divide, which is sure to upset people on both sides of the spectrum.
The game is set to be released on May 26.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons