PieSync announces next generation Data Synchronization Platform

Big Data

PieSync is a platform that offers two-way and real-time contact sync between two different cloud apps. It may sync your contacts with such applications as Google Contacts, MailChimp, Intercome and many more. To improve its platform, they have announced a two-way intelligent data synchronization platform as their latest platform.

According to Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot, said: “PieSync’s new Intelligent Syncing feature empowers our customers to use those tools together and we’re excited to announce the partnership.”

The latest release enables bidirectional intelligent customizable field mapping and advanced rules to further enhance data mapping which includes bidirectional customizable field mapping, that allows customers to map and sync every field including not only basic contact information but also valuable business information like lead stage, revenue, and more; advanced rules, that gives customers the power to set-up more advanced and intelligent workflows allowing customers in full control; and a real-time activity feed of both new and updated data synced by the PieSync platform.

“Our solution ensures that businesses can get up and running in minutes with little to no costs, allowing our customers to increase their data value by keeping everything clean, synchronized, and up to date in real time. Better data means deeper intelligence about your customers and better interactions – every time,” according to Ewout Meyns, founder and CEO of PieSync.




Photo by Nick Youngson via The Blue Diamond Gallery