Saudi Arabia to Amend Anti-Cyber Crime Law

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The formal advisory body of Saudi Arabia is scheduled to discuss the proposed amendments to Royal Decree No. M/17 or the Anti-Cyber Crime Law.

Local media detailed that the proposed amendments which will be discussed in the Shoura Council contain information from the Committee on Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

The Anti-Cyber Crime Law’s amendment will include the additional penalty for defamation, most especially for using information services in the abuses towards a public institution or a person. Perpetrators will be punished with a fine of not more than $1,333 or SR5,000 and imprisonment of not more than one year.

With regard to institutions or individuals who disclosed such information, the same punishment will be imposed. In fact, the committee recommended to the Shoura Council that the amendment to some provisions of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law will lessen the informatics crimes in the country.

It is the aim of the committee to continue the rapid development in the technology sector, its various applications, and means without cyber crimes hampering such development.

Jibril Arishi, Awad Al-Asmari and Fayez Al-Aziz Al-Harqan submitted the amendment and they stressed the value of its application. The members proved the urgent need for such an amendment because of the tremendous development of technology in the country.




Photo by: CC0 Creative Commons via Pixabay