Delphi, Blackberry form strong alliance in autonomous driving technology


Delphi Automotive and Blackberry are putting their respective strengths together to develop software for autonomous vehicles. The car manufacturer is in the process of developing an autonomous driving software called CSLP. However, Delphi lacks a reliable operating system, hence the entry of Blackberry.  

Delphi chief Technology Officer Glen De Vos said, “BlackBerry QNX will provide a robust software infrastructure for CSLP and help advance Delphi's autonomous driving system. Safety in high-performance computing systems is paramount to a production-ready autonomous driving solution."

Earlier this year, Delphi confirmed that it has joined BMW, Intel, and Mobileye as a development partner for the companies’ automated vehicle effort. In a statement, Delphi said they will act as the group’s systems integrator in creating an autonomous driving system that can be used by a large number of OEMs, not just BMW.

Giving emphasis to the partnership, president and chief executive of Delphi Kevin Clark said, “This is a great opportunity for Delphi to use its technical depth and experience in automated driving and electrical architecture to help the cooperation partners develop and deploy at scale. Our close working relationship with all three partners serves as a solid foundation for a success.”

Delphi Automotive is a high-technology company that integrates safer, greener, and more connected solutions for the automotive and transportation sectors.




Photo by: Atamari via Wikimedia Commons