Instaclustr releases new open source platform

Big Data

Scalable open source technology provider Instaclustr has recently announced the release of its Open Source-as-a-Service platform. Instaclustr’s Open Source-as-a-Service platform provides database, analytics, search, and messaging technologies recognized for their ability to deliver scalability, reliability, and performance

Instaclustr’s Open Source-as-a-Service platform includes:

* Apache Cassandra – Hosted and fully managed Apache Cassandra on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Softlayer features a continuous availability architecture that is failure-resistant by design, as well as the ability to scale easily and address workload increases in minutes, not hours.

*Apache Spark – A cluster-computing framework that processes data in-memory, designed to deliver speed and performance.

*Elasticsearch with Elassandra – A fast, powerful indexing and querying capability leveraging Cassandra’s resilient and distributed architecture.

*Kibana – A powerful user interface offering developers the capabilities to explore, analyze, and visualize data via search.

*Lucene – A high-performance, multi-featured text search engine designed for applications that require full-text search.

*Zeppelin – A web-based notebook providing powerful interactive data analytics.

“The development of our Open Source-as-a-Service platform is the natural progression of Instaclustr,” said Peter Nichol, CEO, Instaclustr. “We’ve always maintained a commitment to empowering customers, providing much-needed hosting and management solutions that keep customers in control of their own destinies and their own core technology,” he added.




Photo by: via Wikimedia Commons