New Tech Training Is Not Easy On Hoteliers

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Photo by: Holidayextras via Flickr



Hoteliers run the risk of hurting guest relationships without the right procedures and training tools in place. While various training inefficiencies rose from new technology, some hoteliers still rely on technology companies to help them with the new tech guidance.

New Castle Hotels and Resorts’ VP of Information Technology Alan Zaccario says, “Ironically, the most complicated systems have little in the way of training. They rely more on vendor engagement.”

Zaccario also notes that as an example, a high-speed internet access is a complex thing for the average hotel staff. He added that this is the reason why a majority of the companies offer online control panels or a portal to provide basic troubleshooting actions and basic management. Zaccario believes that with that kind of front end, it would be easier to layer the “help” screens, the very same thing applied in interactive systems such as property management systems and point-of-sale systems. “Those are nearly impossible to teach without weeks or months of training,” he continued.

White Lodging’s VP and chief information security officer David Todd also said: “We often follow up the computer-based training (CBT) with scheduled webinars to support the training modules.” Todd said that CBT is beneficial because it allows them to track the details as to who complete the training with their learning management system.

Right now, there are technology companies that are providing online training or webinars to help hoteliers with the use of new technology. “These have historically been well received,” Todd added.