Hortonworks DataPlane Service Announced with New Global Data Management and Extensible Services

Big Data

Photo via Pixabay


Big data software company, Hortonworks, overhauls and makes delivery of modern data architecture automatically via Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS). The new platform provides simpler ways to operate distributed data systems in different industries including data science, analytics, and data warehousing optimization. Hortonworks DPS also works well with open source technologies such as Apache Atlas, and users benefit from easy access to trusted sites available behind a firewall, cloud service, or both. Teams working at Hortonworks DPS continue to work on solutions for every possible challenge the platforms and its users may experience the following conveniences:

- Data stewards investigate lineage and improve quality of data assets.

- Data engineers improve the efficiency of data storage and manage backup and data assets across sources.

- Data architects focus on implementing policies and security measures.

- Data scientists and analysts work on understanding source lineage and data models.

The new platform also features core functionalities that handle security, integration, and governance to manage data clusters: 

1. Integration of data sources allows consolidated access.

2. Cataloging of data services allows management and enablement of new utilities.

3. Control of security implementation for manageable security access including persona definitions.

Hortonworks DPS allows additional services from Hortonworks and partner services including Lifecycle Manager to manage the life cycle of data assets essential for replication and disaster recovery purposes. Other extensible services currently in the works are IBM’s Data Science Experience, Big SQL, Big Integrate and Big Quality services to become natively functional within the Hortonworks DPS environment.