Use of Artificial Intelligence for Effective Fundraising


Photo by: Flazingo Photos via Flickr


Nonprofit technology company Gravyty introduces a way for nonprofit organizations to raise more money with the use of artificial intelligence.

Gravyty’s CEO and Co-Founder Adam Martel spoke in an interview at Strategic advisory firm Constellation Research that they used AI application to automatically craft donor-centric emails. These personalized emails will be available for use of the frontline fundraisers. As a front-line fundraiser himself, Martel shared that he has a deep understanding of the challenges that nonprofit organizations face.

“It takes thousands of hours of work for a programmer to create an AI that can come close to interacting intelligently with a person,” says Martel. He also shares the use of cognitive functions with emails, spreadsheets, database, and now self-writing emails.

Martel ensures that AI will not replace fundraisers, but rather help them become more engaged and successful. He believes that by delivering a more contextual intelligence, it minimizes the busy work and donors can use their time to be more engaged and creative.

“We’ve proven that AI can contain algorithms that drafts an email to your top prospect, which you can edit and send in a few minutes, allowing you to move on and think about cultivating the next person on your list.”

The Gravyty team has a shared vision to solve meaningful problems with technology, and the transformation of the fundraising process with the help of AI-powered applications is proof of this.