Artificial Intelligence That Can Effectively Fight Terrorism


Photo by: Magnus Manske via Wikimedia Commons


Turkish air defense and software company HAVELSAN is planning to make the best use of technology as part of their counterterrorism efforts. The group is set to introduce a defense system with the aid of artificial intelligence to better address terrorism and to prevent deadly attacks in the country.

HAVELSAN will introduce a defense system that incorporates the use of AI in recognizing license plates and faces, as well as in gathering personal information and data to prevent terrorism.

All personal information and photos of a suspected terrorist will be gathered, scanned, and investigated. After which, the security authorities will double check to ensure if they have previously issued an arrest warrant to the suspect.

The AI-powered system can analyze the ratio and retina of a person. It can also analyze a face’s symmetry, which will be very helpful in looking at the face of a suspect. HAVELSAN also said that the system will provide the analysis as to how the suspect walks, and if needed, it will automatically alarm the authorities if it matches that of the analysis’ result. The entire process will be completed without human intervention.

ASELSAN, the largest defense electronics company of Turkey, stressed that a similar AI system in Japan recorded an 80-percent success rate. At present, the ASELSAN Company is working to make sure that the Turkish system will remove the 20-percent failure rate. They will also use AI to address cybersecurity threats.