Apps that help one kick the smoking habit

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Photo by: HansMartinPaul via Pixabay


It is never too late for a smoker to quit a bad habit for better health for himself as well as those around him.

Not everyone can quit cold turkey. To kick the habit, one needs dedication and all the help he can get from family and friends.  Thankfully, there are some apps that provide “willpower boosts.”

Anish Tripathi, an accountant in India, told Gadgets 360 that the process of quitting smoking took him more than a year. “It is easy to stop for a day, harder to keep at it for a week, and really tough to do it for a month."

Kwit is one app that gives frequent morale boosters and reminders about your reasons for quitting. The iPhone app is free to download, but you might need to make in-app purchases to remove ads or buy motivation packs and lessons to help you stick to your goal.

Kwit works by encouraging the user to make a go of its 84 achievements that can be unlocked by not smoking.  If you are having cravings to smoke, just shake your phone to view over 200 motivational cards.  The app also allows one to share his progress with friends.  This social feature is very helpful especially when one needs that extra support from friends and co-workers at a critical time.

Another free iOs app is Revively - Kick your addiction which was developed by 20-year-old Andreas Skaalerud from Norway.  The app can be used to fight off addiction to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs by tracking one’s statistics based on the details you have entered before using Revively.  Information such as the habits you have, how much you smoke and how much you spend, as well as how frequently you smoke and buy, and how long the addiction has lasted are used to tailor fit more inputs.

Revively helps one to quit by showing how much money one has saved and how much one has avoided consuming in his journey.  Skaalerud said a feature that allows users to write logs for each day has been added.  “They can look back to it and hopefully stay motivated and feel proud of later on."

Another free app is the Quit Smoking Slowly on Android.  The app allows a user to specify how much he smokes, and how soon he wants to quit. Its achievement system lets one know how many cigarettes he can smoke today -- to slowly wean him off the habit.

It is clear that most of these apps work via gamification.  Techniques like visualizing the money you have saved, and giving badges and awards for the time you spend not smoking are used to help a smoker quit.

Some of the apps break down the amount of time one has been smoke-free down to minutes and seconds while some apps help a user set small goals and build this to quitting over time.

Just remember, determination on the part of the user as well as a lot of support and reinforcement from friends and family are very important to actually succeed in quitting -- apps or no apps.