Facebook Messenger full music streaming via Apple Music extension

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Photo via Pixabay


Streaming of full songs is now possible in Facebook Messenger with the integration of Apple Music extension to the messaging app. Before, users can only create new playlists in the Messenger group chats using the Spotify extension and from Spotify songs recommended by Facebook’s digital AI assistant M, based on the content of the conversation. Spotify song suggestions are triggered by certain phrases and words, such as play some music or listen to music. Digital assistant M will offer the Find Music option via Spotify and if an artist is named, M will ask anyone in the group chat who wants to listen to that artist.

Apple Music extension for Facebook Messenger allows full streaming of favorite songs for Apple Music subscribers. For unsubscribed users, Apple Music will still allow limited access to preview, stream, and share 30-second audio clips.  One can access the Apple Music extension by clicking the “+” sign from a one-on-one conversation window or a group chat in the Messenger for mobile devices.

Apple Music also features a bot available on both desktop and mobile versions of the Facebook Messenger, which can be found as a new contact in one's friends' list. This bot reacts to emoji and will suggest an album or a playlist, based on the nature of the emoji. Apple Music did not release any patch notes about its integration with Messenger, but Facebook released the Messenger version 137.0 for iOS devices.