Waymo Releases its Safety Report With Self-driving Details


Photo by: Grendelkhan via Wikimedia Commons


Autonomous car development company Waymo released its first-ever safety report that provides details on the technology uses and different procedures to ensure safety in autonomous driving.

The 42-page report shows a summary of how Waymo cars are functioning at its most basic level, including different conditions. It is a comprehensive look at their approach as a whole when it comes to safe driving. The safety report also includes how the cars fall back to their safe stop, explaining what happens if there is a crash and the kind of data recorded.

The document details both software and hardware testing processes conducted by Waymo. They have included the overall durability of equipment and sensors, crash avoidance, and rider experiences when driving the cars. With a series of figures and facts, Waymo’s safety report also did not miss out the information on how the technology works if there are emergency vehicles.

Five basic categories of safety in autonomous vehicles are written in the report. These include behavioral safety, crash safety, operational safety, non-collision safety, and functional safety.

With the safety report presented by Waymo, it just shows that they take safety very seriously. Parallel to their initiative toward safety, earlier this week, the company launched a campaign in partnership with the National Safety Council to explain why autonomous driving means safer roads.