Apple Denies Reducing iPhone X’s Face ID Accuracy

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Photo by: matteo_it via Shutterstock


Multinational technology company Apple denied reports that they reduced the security of iPhone X’s facial recognition system just to hit their production deadlines.

The company stood firm that the news released by International daily Bloomberg was completely false, emphasizing that the device will still have unique sensors and cameras used to unlock the phone using its facial recognition software.

According to Bloomberg, Apple lowered its bar for the 3D sensor system which can be used to augment photos, authorize payments, and unlock the phone. However, Apple’s spokesman said the otherwise. It stated that their accuracy specs for Face ID remain the same and they even expect it to be the new standard when it comes to facial authentication.

The company repeated that the moment they unveiled iPhone X, they already claimed the one-in-a-million chance their Face ID tech will give access to a random person holding the phone. In defense to the false report, the spokesman reiterated that the phone is trained to guard against tricks and silicon masks.

Suppliers are now put under pressure as the phone’s launch comes later than expected and Apple’s demand is for them to observe the fragility and microscopic precision of the phone’s components.

Apple also said that children below 13 or twins should not use the same Face ID to avoid the chance of giving other people the access to their phones.