Nissan’s IMX Car Concept "Sings"


Photo By Yuri Kabantsev via Shutterstock

Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan unveiled its newest electric and autonomous IMX car concept that sings, and by “sing,” it means that it is emitting a noise like a string quartet.

Nissan revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show the new feature called “Canto” -- which in Italian means “I sing.”

The “Canto” feature is built to alert the pedestrians and people nearby that the electric car is coming even if it’s driven at low speeds.

Although Nissan did not fully elaborate the standout feature, they shared that the sound will be activated at 20 to 30 kph. It will also activate depending on the requirements of the marketplace. For example, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will require vehicles to emit a sound once it hits below 19 miles per hour, although it did not directly prescribe the kind of sound to emit.

Nissan says that even if it is just a concept today, they are intending to reflect on it as an actual direction for their efforts in productization and “Intelligent Mobility.” The concept car also features a wraparound display, providing live details to the passengers and driver in the cockpit.

The IMX car concept is made with narrow headlights, wood trim interior, and a glass roof that when combined together, creates a sense of usable, expansive space.