Heathrow Airport Launches Investigation After Retrieved USB mess

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Photo by: James Cridland via Flickr


London’s Heathrow Airport officials launched an investigation after a USB memory stick that contained the airport’s top security details was allegedly found on a London street 10 kilometers away from the airport.

The USB memory stick, said to contain security measures to protect the Queen when using the airport and details of maps pointing where CCTV cameras and escape routes are located, was handed by a man to an international daily, The Sunday Mirror.

The daily reported that the man who found the USB stick was unemployed and on his way to the library to search the internet for possible jobs. “I was curious about what it contained so a few days later, when I went back to the library, I plugged it into the computer,” the man told The Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror claims that the lost USB drive contained 2.5GB of critical information that also includes the anti-terror patrols’ timetable and escape shafts that are linked to the country’s rail link.

Television news channel CNN was, however, informed by a Heathrow spokesperson that the airport’s top priority is the security and safety of their passengers as well as their colleagues and that they have one of the most robust aviation security measures in the world.

“We have reviewed all of our security plans and are confident that Heathrow remains secure,” Heathrow’s spokesperson said. He also added that they remain vigilant to update their procedures regularly and they are now taking steps to avoid the same occurrence in the future.