Asia-Pacific Region Leaning toward IoT Adoption


Photo by: geralt via Pixabay


Technology research company Gartner Inc. says that companies in the Asia-Pacific region are now headed toward the adoption of Internet of Things.

The American research and advisory firm surveyed various Chief Information Officers worldwide, including 537 CIOs from countries in Asia-Pacific region. The survey shows that approximately $49 billion of the budget is allocated for IT.

According to the Gartner Incorporated’s survey, about 43 percent of the participants in the Asia-Pacific countries said they have plans of developing, or have already deployed, certain IoT technologies, compared to 37 percent of the survey participants in other parts of the world.

The survey reveals that these CIOs also made an investment in virtual reality, augmented reality, and in conversational interfaces. Others distributed ledger technology and adopted blockchain.

Gartner’s VP and analyst shares that the Asia-Pacific region is home to successful digital businesses and established financial and manufacturing services. There are also companies that are already established in mining and protein export. In addition to businesses that drive up the technology adoption curve are higher education establishments and government agencies.

“Respondents believe that the two biggest transformations in the CIO role will be becoming a change leader, followed by assuming increased and broader responsibilities,” the survey says.

New Zealand and Australia are two countries where CIOs are expected to increase their respective IT budgets by up to 3.2 percent.