Fitbit Teases Consumers about a New Smartwatch Lineup


Photo by: Raysonho via Wikimedia Commons


Consumer electronics company Fitbit announced yesterday that they are going to release another lineup of a smartwatch, claiming that it’s not just an upgrade of its Ionic Smartwatch.

While it has been a month since the company released its Ionic smartwatch, Fitbit CEO James Park teased the consumers with a future product lineup. He revealed that they are aiming to be on the same footing with the Apple Watch 3.

Park said, “We sold 3.6 million devices and generated $393 million in revenue,” referring to sales of their first smartwatch, Fitbit Ionic. He added that as of today, they still cannot provide too many details on their gadget roadmap, but they are sure to provide a full lineup of smartwatches and not just an ordinary upgrade.

Park continued to talk about the cross-platform compatibility of their new product lineup and he revealed that they are planning to suit this to both Android and iOS users with a battery life that can last up to five days.

The company’s CEO also reiterated that with regard to applications, their focus is more on quality rather than quantity. “Our goal is not to have the greatest number of apps, but the quality ones that bring increased purpose and utility to our devices,” he said. For the technology’s increased purpose, the company is targeting the product to be used in music streaming, weather checks, payment, and other health care innovations such as checking the person’s glucose level without directly opening the app.