Windows 10 IoT Simplifies Matters for Developers


Photo by: Бумбаяр via Wikimedia Commons


Consumer electronics company Microsoft recently added the Windows 10 IoT Core feature, an operating system that is built for the Internet of Things, in its update to simplify matters for developers.

Microsoft refers the IoT Core feature as an OS version that is primarily optimized for smaller devices, aiming to make it easier for developers to create Windows Platform applications. It also has robust built-in security and management tools that match a device environment.

The Windows 10 IoT Core is designed to power the Windows system in a supported device. With this operating system, it now becomes easier for users to integrate richer experiences with their devices such as cloud-based services, online storage, searching, and user interfaces.

“Windows 10 simplifies the Internet of Things by powering smart devices that bring intelligence to the edge and the cloud for deeper insight,” wrote Microsoft in its site.

The system was formerly called “Windows Embedded” and it can be used by industrial-device and small-device software developers. The company encourages commercial builders and makers to use the system. With IoT Core, projects such as Air Hockey Robot, Picture the Weather, Connected Clock Radio, and Plot My Face can be created.

Another interesting preview of an operating system is that users can now host Nano Server containers on a 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Core and its Enterprise version.