British Telecom Enters the IoT Market


Photo By Maxim75 via Wikimedia Commons


British telecommunications company Vodafone officially announced its entry into the Internet of Things market under its “V by Vodafone” platform.

The mobile network operator claims to launch its four connected IoT devices under its V by Vodafone platform. Although the products are already available in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK, they are set to enter the IoT sector of 28 more countries in Europe.

Currently, Vodafone has four available products under its platform: V-Auto, V-Camera, V-Bag, and V-Pet. Vodafone prides in the release of its little dongle, V-Auto which can be plugged into the port of a car and allows the vehicle owner to track their cars remotely. For each journey and data that the feature collects, it provides a driver with a safety rating. The company also designed the feature to kick in once the dongle detects an accident, flashing its Auto SOS feature.

The V-Camera, on the other hand, is an Arlo Go Camera. Inside it is a Vodafone SIM so it can operate without the use of a WiFi connection. V-Camera is weatherproof and is purchased with a rechargeable battery, good for a month of wireless operation.

The V-Pet is a location and activity tracker that can be clipped on a pet’s collar. The main purpose of the device is to alert the pet if it walks outside its defined zones. You will also know if it runs off to somewhere.

Vodafone already announced that they are now prepared to sell these IoT devices out on the market.