Samsung Boosts SM3 ZE Electric Car Battery to 36kWh


Photo by: Arshane88 via Wikimedia Commons


South Korean conglomerate Samsung announced during a yearly Korean auto show that it has already increased the battery size of Samsung SM3 ZE to 36-kilowatt-hour, enough to drive by 57 percent to 132 miles.

Samsung’s achievement to increase the electric car’s battery size comes without a trade of weight penalty. It said that the weight of the vehicle remains the same. 

Samsung SM3 ZE, which stands for Zero Emissions, is the country’s Renault Fluence version which is a middle-sized sedan produced by a French company and was introduced to the market way back 2009. The production of Fluence in Europe already ended last year, but the company continued its production in Korea and Argentina, marketing under the Samsung brand.

In 2013, the electric version of the battery used in Fluence caused a stir in the market, being the first ever electric car to implement a battery swapping technology. However, as the infrastructure of electric car charging became more popular, the hype over Fluence’s electric battery also died down.

Now, SM3 ZE has become one of the most well-known electric cars in South Korea. Even the Korean government bought 1,200 SM3 ZE cars to add its fleet of vehicles.

Renault’s VP Gilles Normand also stated in a press release that they are in the process of introducing second-generation versions of EVs.