LG Uplus, Huawei Complete Widescale 5G Test in Korea

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Photo By tragrpx via Pixabay

South Korean telecom company LG Uplus and Chinese telecom equipment firm Huawei have announced a successful widescale 5G field test in the Gangnam District in South Korea, verifying new technologies and commercial 5G services.

The Korean telecom operator partnered with the Chinese vendor to complete their 5G network test. The companies used a 5G tour bus and a virtual reality drone to show the data rates between 100Mbps and 20Mbps at the LG headquarters. They have also tested the 5G network in a pre-commercial trial environment.

Huawei utilizes its VR drone and the 5G customer premises equipment to provide up to 1.5Gbps connectivity in 100m in altitude.

Huawei Wireless Product Line’s Chief Marketing Officer Zhou Yuefeng said: “This demonstrates that Huawei will maintain its capability to provide competitive E2E 5G network products in 2018.” The CMO added that the two companies will continue with their 5G technology research to achieve success in the upcoming era of 5G networks.

In October this year, Huawei and LG U+ also completed the verification for dual-connectivity technology in Seoul where they provided 20 Gbps downlink speeds and linked it simultaneously in two 5G-oriented base stations.

 Zhou Yuefeng explains that dual connectivity allows several base stations to transmit data alternately or simultaneously to a user so they can communicate with other users when moving to the base stations.