Google Rolls Out Fix for YouTube Battery Drain Problem on iOS Gadgets

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Photo via PEXELS

Google confirms that it has already addressed the issue of battery drain problem on iOS devices when using video sharing YouTube app.

After many iOS device users complain of experiencing a battery drain and gadget overheating even when the YouTube app was in idle mode, Google rolled out a fix by releasing an update of its mobile YouTube app version 12.45.

“Fixed an issue with battery usage,” wrote the company in the release notes of What’s New Section for the video-sharing app.

The new YouTube version for iOS device is now available for download and Google admits that it will fix the user’s battery drain problem. For anyone who often uses the video-sharing app, the tech giant Google ensures that the application update will end the bad streaming experience.

YouTube first confirmed the problem earlier this month as they received lots of claims and complaints about their devices’ battery issue. One post from social media Twitter said that his iPhone X battery life quickly dropped by 20 percent in just 30 minutes.

The first fix that Google worked on was version 12.44 of the YouTube app, but they confirmed it only publicly upon completion of version 12.45.

While Google resolved the issue, they did not issue a statement as to what caused the battery drain problem.