White House Mulls Ban on Mobile Phone Use by Staff, Citing "Network Security Concerns"

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Photo via Pxhere

White House, the official workplace and residence of the President of the United States, is considering banning its employees and possibly visitors from using personal cell phones during work hours, citing network security concerns.

The federal office in Washington is considering to ban the use of mobile phones as the officials are concerned about cybersecurity. International news agency Bloomberg reported that some White House officials who requested anonymity said that there are many devices that connect to their wireless network. The officials add that the staff’s personal mobile phones are not as safe as those officially issued by the government.

Earlier this year, the personal phone of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has been targeted by hackers which led to the proposal of banning personal phones in the federal office, one official shared.

As of today, the White House is already taking precautions when it comes to using wireless devices, such as asking the officials not to bring their personal phones in the cubbies located outside the meeting room, where classified or sensitive information is normally discussed.

The mobile devices that are officially issued by the federal officials are not capable of sending text messages, making it difficult for the White House staff to communicate outside the office. The staff, on the other hand, said that texting is the easiest way for them to reach their families when necessary.