Apple Files Patent Infringement Countersuit vs. Qualcomm


Photo by: emka74 via Shutterstock


Apple has just filed a countersuit claiming patent infringement against Qualcomm in its latest move in a long-running legal battle being fought by the two companies.

The tech giant alleges that eight of their patents on battery life are being infringed by Qualcomm with its processors, citing the Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 820 in particular. While these aren't Qualcomm's most recent releases, these processors are part of its flagship line, being employed as recently as a year ago.

Reuters reported that the patents allegedly being infringed involve technology that allows a phone to use only the minimum power it needs, improving the efficiency of sleep and wake functions.

In July, Qualcomm made earlier claims that Apple infringed six of its own patents involving battery life in a move to get iPhones banned. The latter denied these claims, alleging that the former's patents were invalid.

Apple's countersuit is an attempt to get the telecom equipment company's case dismissed, as Apple claims that it has been filing battery life patents for a long time already before Qualcomm started doing so. 

According to Apple, Qualcomm's suit seems to be "a blatant effort to take credit for the innovation of others."

The long-running legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm began at the start of the year when the former accused the latter of charging unreasonable prices for its LTE modems. This was followed by a countersuit by Qualcomm accusing Apple of violating patents, sharing proprietary code, and withholding payments.

Apple's legal complaints aren't the only ones Qualcomm has to worry about. Regulators from a number of countries have already filed lawsuits against the company in recent years.