Google mulls return of Nest to Alphabet again


Photo by: Raysonho via Wikimedia Commons


American conglomerate and Google’s parent company Alphabet may reunite its hardware team with home automation company Nest Lab, as reported by international newspaper, The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, Google wants to integrate its services with the home automation company so they can better compete with the industry, especially in the smart home market. This will be achieved if Nest will join Google’s hardware team, states the report.

Google acquired Nest in 2014 and made it a Google company. Since then, Nest existed and operated inside Google even if it ran independently. Then, early in 2015, Nest came under the umbrella of Alphabet Inc. When Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell left the home automation company in 2016, it struggled inside Alphabet. There were also speculations last year that Nest’s operation stopped until they finally launched their home security system, the Nest Secure.

Now, Google reportedly wants to move the home automation company closer to them again. They even shared engineers to work together and ensure that Nest integration will function well. WSJ also claimed that Google and Nest already joined their supply chain teams in 2016, paving the way for the merging of other departments like retail distribution, public relations, marketing, and legal.