China Upgrades Intranet to Prevent Cyberattacks

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Photo By moerschy via Pixabay

Aerospace company China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp rolls out the latest technology in China as part of its secure intranet project to prevent cyber attacks.

As one of the leading arms makers in the country, CASIC deployed the latest upgrade for the intranet as it pays great attention to cybersecurity. It reported that since they started the intranet project in 2014, it has already grown to connect roughly 20,000 computers and has become the largest sourced system domestically. This is according to Beijing Institute of Computer Technology and Application’s Deputy Head Shen Shiguang.

The latest intranet upgrade will feature a high level of information security. Shen shared that it is physically separated from publicly accessible networks and the internet. The technology is also based on a domestically-developed software and hardware which had been used for a long time to hold classified defense data. CASIC also expanded the intranet project in 2015 to include all of the company’s computers with an association to commercial secrets.

The institute’s deputy said: “Almost all nations of the world, especially big powers, are sparing no effort to make sure that their classified information is well protected.” He continued that if they cannot opt to have their own system in China, their information networks will be subjected to threats and intimidation from foreign countries.