World’s Biggest Shipbroker Says No to Ransom after Cyber Attack

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Photo  via Max Pixel

World’s biggest shipping services provider Clarkson PLC has admitted that some of its confidential company data might go public after hackers breached its system. This is according to international daily, Wall Street Journal.

The London-based shipbroker reportedly said that as soon as they discovered the cyber attack, they have taken the immediate steps to manage the incident by disabling the said account. It also claimed that it is working with the UK’s cybercrime police and data security experts. However, by refusing to pay criminals the ransom, the consultancy admitted that the hackers may release some of the company’s data.

The company’s spokesmen said: “Our initial investigations have shown the unauthorized access was gained via a single and isolated user account.” They also explained that they have added security measures to avoid the same cybersecurity incident to happen again.  The company announced that they have already gotten in touch with clients that are affected by the said hacking.

Still, Clarkson’s CEO Andi Case extended his apology to their clients. “I hope our clients understand that we would not be held to ransom by criminals.” Case recognized that cybersecurity issues are at the forefront of several business agendas in a commercial and digital landscape. “Despite our extensive efforts we have suffered this criminal attack,” Case adds.

The shipbroker and international consultancy has 50 offices in different countries and works by raising finances for its shipping clients and charters vessels.