Development Boards that Control other Gadgets


Photo By  Intel Free Press via Flickr

The growing trend of using Google Home and Amazon Echo means every connected device needs to work with voice-based AI assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. However, this does not mean that users are encouraged to spend tons of money for the upgrade. Development boards can also be used for users who want to utilize the voice command option via a smart speaker. This is according to Lifehacker, a weblog about software and life hacks.

For starters, a development board is a printed circuit board with hardware and circuitry, designed to facilitate experimentation with a microcontroller. It usually contains pins, LED lights, and buttons that connect to other gadgets. These boards are used to test new applications and products.

Development boards, such as CHIP and Particle Photon, can be an option for people interested in fixing their smart home setup. These boards are small in size, they don't take too much space, and one can fit a majority of gadgets.

Development boards also support Wi-Fi, making it less difficult to make a connection to a smart speaker. They may be linked through a USB, with different mechanisms and sensors.  Even technology company Google recommends using Particle Photon for those trying to add more Google Assistant controls to their present featured product.

Lifehacker also suggests cheaper models of development boards for those wanting to experiment before taking further action.